RADION receiver ST

RADION receiver ST
  • Dual internal antennas provide spatial and polar diversity for highly reliable RF signal reception
  • Cover and wall tamper detection
  • Multiple device and control panel supportive options as well as RF diagnostics ensure efficient and effective installation
  • Supports RADION repeater to increase wireless system coverage and reliability
  • External status LED
  • Aperçu
    Dimensions: 139.7 mm x 209.6 mm x 31.8 mm 5.5 in x 8.25 in x 1.25 in
    Wire length: 300 m (1000 ft)
    Wire gauge: 0.65 mm (22 AWG) to 1.3 mm (16 AWG)
    Voltage (operating): 12 VDC
    Maximum Current Draw: 100 mA
    Frequency: 433.42 MHz
    Temperature (operating): -10゚C to +55゚C (+14゚F to +131゚F)
    Relative humidity: Up to 93% non-condensing
    Use: Intended for indoor use.
    RADION devices RFRP/RFRP-CHI repeater RFBT/RFBT-CHI bill trap RFDL-11/RFDL-11-CHI motion detector TriTech RRDW-RM/RFDW-RM-CHI recessed door/window contact RFDW-SM/RFDW-SM-CHI standard door/window contact RFGB/RFGB-CHI glass break RFKF-FB/RFKF-FB-CHI keyfob RFKF-TB/RFKF-TB-CHI keyfob RFPB-SB/RFPB-SB-CHI panic RFPB-TB/RFPB-TB-CHI panic RFPR-12/RFPR-12-CHI motion detector PIR RFPR-C12/RFPR-C12-CHI motion detector (curtain) PIR RFSM/RFSM-CHI smoke detector RFUN/RFUN-CHI universal transmitter RFKF-FBS/RFKF-TBS/RFKF-FBS-CHI/RFKF-TBS-CHI keyfob RFKF-FBS-A/RFKF-TBS-A keyfob
    DSRF devices RF835E RF940E RF3401E RF3405E RF280E RF110E RF3406E RF3332E RF3334E RF3503E
    Control panels Solution 6000/144 (CC610) Solution Ultima (ICP-CC488) Solution 64 (CC110) Solution 16Plus (CC100) Solution 16i (CC500) DS6R DS12R DS6MX




    BubbleLevel EasyInstall Indoor

Variantes produit

RFRC-STR Interface de bus classique radio

The RFRC-STR is a wireless receiver that connects RADION and DSRF wireless devices to Bosch and other compatible control panels. For use with compatible Streamline Bus control panels (streamline bus 433.42 MHz) in Italy.

Type commercial n°: RFRC-STR
Produit n°: F.01U.253.604