EOL: VEI-308V05-13W EX30CR analogique, 850 nm, PAL

Type commercial n°: VEI-308V05-13W
Produit n°: F.01U.247.937

VEI-308V05-13W EX30CR analogique, 850 nm, PAL
  • Certified all-weather active IR surveillance camera specifically designed for perimeter surveillance and other outdoor low-light applications
  • Dinion 2X imaging with wide dynamic capability to handle the most demanding lighting situations
  • Variable Field Illumination technology provides unmatched low-light and no-light performance
  • Integrated junction box, remote control, and complete external adjustments minimize installation time and cost

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VEI-30 - Caméra Infrarouge Dinion

Caméra de surveillance active éprouvée, conçue pour la surveillance de périmètres et autres applications extérieures à faible luminosité.